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We do two things very well here at Ablemove Wottons: moving your things & storing your things. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 75 years now and customers love the reliability that our safe storage containers have to offer. Of course from time to time we are asked some funny questions. One of the more common we’ve been asked when helping the lovely people of Bristol find storage solutions is “What are the weirdest things people keep in storage?

We like to keep the belongings our customers entrust us with to safely store away private, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun seeing what other people around the world have found inside long term storage units and containers. After a little investigating and a few laughs, here are 5 of the weird and wonderful things that have been found in storage containers.

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map of europe best universities in europe 2016

With this year’s Euro finals, we’re having a hard time here at Ablemove trying to figure who to support. And while of course Old Blighty is at the top of the list, there are some countries we want to see do well; especially those we help people move to.

Yes, we have helped our customers move all over Europe and set up a new home in so many different countries we’re having trouble trying to remember. There are three though that we have our eyes set on after reading up on the weird and wonderful ways they move things there.

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Students Moving Home

It’s that time of year. The first year of University is complete. You’ve made new friends. You’ve settled into student life. You’ve done it, well nearly. Exam time is looming and you’re thinking ahead to packing everything up for a summer back home. You’ve looking around your room in your accommodation and looking at all the furniture and other items you’ve bought and thinking to yourself “what do I take with me?” and “what do I do with everything else?”  At Ablemove we have the guide to a hassle free move back home. 

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When we help people to move home or place items in storage, we often find that one of the most awkward and delicate items to move are televisions. With so many of us having large HD models that are quite expensive, a lot of care has to be taken with this item to make sure we don’t end up with broken screens, missing cables and lost remotes. If you’re going to be packing up a TV anytime soon, here are five handy tips on what you can do to protect it and keep everything you for your TV together.

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 With the echoes of New Year still ringing in our ears many people will be looking to move home and make a fresh start. One of the most popular questions our staffs are asked is “when is the best time of year to move home?”

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Moving house can be a pain, especially if you live in rented accommodation and depending on your lifestyle you might find yourself re-boxing and on the go every 6-12 months. This isn’t so bad if you’re moving between fully furnished residences but for those of us lucky enough to own all of our own furniture the experience can often be a nightmare.

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We often hear stories from our customers of their past experiences when moving house and unfortunately not all of them are as pleasant as the services that we provide, in fact some of them are downright horrific and makes us wonder how on earth some particular removal services are still in business.

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Boomerang Compressed

It’s nothing new that when children leave the family home for the first time whether for work, university or travel, they all too often leave an entire room worth of clutter behind. Whilst parents obviously don’t want to bin every last reminder that they ever had a child many do find themselves resenting the possessions their kids leave behind; they think it adds clutter and does not allow them to make the most of their new space.

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When it comes to moving home or office it is almost inevitable that you will be required to perform manual lifting to at least some degree, after all it could be quite difficult to get a fork lift into your living room.

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When it comes to choosing a removal company many people often find the experience intimidating, especially when you consider that you will be entrusting a complete stranger to handle all your most valuable possessions with care.

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office moving

With the number of people now able to work from home on the rise coupled with a sharp increase in the number of businesses now employing practices such as hot-desking and virtual office spaces; the need for businesses to have considerable areas of office space is quickly diminishing.

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self storage

Everyone needs a little more space, and here at Ablemove Wottons we know how to give people in Bristol the space they need at home or in the office. We always ask our customers why they want to use storage and almost everyone will give a very similar answer ‘I need to make more space.’ So we like to make sure people know that storage is a good idea for a whole host of reasons.

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