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Everyone needs a little more space, and here at Ablemove Wottons we know how to give people in Bristol the space they need at home or in the office. We always ask our customers why they want to use storage and almost everyone will give a very similar answer ‘I need to make more space.’ So we like to make sure people know that storage is a good idea for a whole host of reasons.


Don’t believe us? Well here are 5 reasons you need to use storage and might not have realised it yet.

1 .A de-cluttered office space looks more professional

Moving office is a drain on time, money and resources. By the time you’ve moved there’s a good chance one room in the building will become the designated storage room simply because it was the first place everyone started leaving half empty boxes in.

You’ve paid for the space so make sure you actually use it. Try and remove as much as possible from your office space and get those “essential on the rarest of days” boxes in storage. It can be the difference between your office having a new meeting room and staff having to use card box boxes as a temporary seat.

2. You can finally have that room back

Just like in the office, everyone has that one space at home that is just declared a no-go area. It might be the drawer of shopping bags stuffed under the sink. It could be the cupboard under the stairs you threw a few empty boxes in and have turned it in a “out of sight” area of sorts. We like the idea of giving people in Bristol their home space back. If you’re reading this at home right now, get up and have a look about a few rooms to see what items you don’t really to have sitting out and about. You’d be surprised how much space you discover by looking at something and asking if it needs to be there.

3. The garage should be exactly what it was designed for

Have you ever walked in to a garage and found that it has enough room to park the car, hang the bikes and easily walk around in? If the answer is No (and in most cases it is) then you need to start making space in the garage pronto. This part of the world is a place people take pride in their cars, so why not take pride in where we store them too? We always advise those moving home who have a garage to start their packing up here. It’s the ultimate ‘out of sight, out of mind’ part of the home and is the area we always seem to find half used paint cans and broken tools in. We’d advise anyone with a spare few hours to go in their garage and see if there’s anything that would be better suited in storage.

4. That attic can be anything you want it to

Just like the garage, an attic can become something of a large storage area over the years. If you don’t think you have enough space downstairs to re-decorate a room, why not look above and see if there’s potential in your attic space. Moving items like old clothes, vinyl (you’d be surprised how many records are stored in attics across the UK) and toys in to storage where they can still gain value for selling later on down the line on a site like eBay will open up the space to make a nice chill out room, extra bedroom or study; just as long as your items are in local storage.

5. You can keep tabs

Find yourself in the situation of looking for company files dated from X month roughly two years ago? It can be a waste of an afternoon, unless you know you exactly where to find them because you put those files in secure storage. Don’t think of putting things in storage as hiding something away. Think of it as knowing exactly where something you need is, and it’s there to get whenever you need it. And because we’re based locally, getting your items won’t involve a cross country excursion.

People can put anything from a motorbike to a bed to a file cabinet in storage for however long they want. That’s the magic of long term storage that we as a company are able to provide to people.

If you want to know more about storage then please get in touch.

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