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Students Moving Home

It’s that time of year. The first year of University is complete. You’ve made new friends. You’ve settled into student life. You’ve done it, well nearly. Exam time is looming and you’re thinking ahead to packing everything up for a summer back home. You’ve looking around your room in your accommodation and looking at all the furniture and other items you’ve bought and thinking to yourself “what do I take with me?” and “what do I do with everything else?”  At Ablemove we have the guide to a hassle free move back home. 


1. Avoid stress during exam time

Studying for exams are the hardest moments of the year for students. The whole year has come down to cramming for exams. Some students have study plans and are able to fit everything in during this period while others have a different kind of attitude where they study last minute and hope for the best. During this time, you should also think about starting to pack your possessions away, instead of leaving it all till you’re about to leave. By gradually packing everything up you can concentrate on your studies and avoid stress of other responsibilities like the task of moving home.  At Ablemove our student removals Bristol will take care of anything you need to pack up during the big move.  Our team of experts will help with packing, removing and safely transporting your possessions to the destination of your choice.  Our location is a short 18 minute drive via the M32 to the University of Bristol so we’re in close proximity to accommodations of students for removing their belongings.

2. What you don’t need to take back home

As previously mentioned, there are probably a lot of new items you’ve gathered over the year at University.  The list could include a new bed, mattress, couch, posters, TV or even ridiculous things such as a for-sale sign and deck chairs.  It could be endless. If you’re thinking “do I take these entire things home?” then the answer is no. You don’t need to throw them out either as they’re memories of your freshman year in Uni. Ablemove are on hand to take care of this predicament for you. Our student storage services Bristol will store your furniture and other possessions while your home for the summer. All you need to is contact the Ablemove team who will come and collect everything you want to store and then drop them back off to you when you find a new flat when you’re back studying.  Our service is the safest and most secure around. For students who attend UWE Bristol, we’re on hand to safely secure any pieces of art you may have so that it doesn’t go missing or get damaged. We’re a quick 8 minute drive away from the University via the A432 and Manor Road. Be smart and let Ablemove take care of all your storage needs. 

3. Why you should use Ablemove’s Student Removal Service

We accommodate students all across the Bristol area. Ablemove has been making the transition of removing items for the student population for over 20 years. We understand that students have tight budgets and may find it difficult to afford vans or other companies to transport their possessions. Our fantastic rates for students are some of the most competitive around and will store your possessions whether you’re away for the summer or even longer. Our removal service will transport items from different types of accommodations including flats, small house removals and shared houses.  Let the experts at Ablemove take the stress away and remove your belongings quickly and safely so they arrive home as soon as possible.

4. Why you should use Ablemove’s Student Storage Service

It is always a difficult decision to decide what to take home and what to leave. Then there is the worry of where to put the possessions that are left behind.  Ablemove takes the stress away our student storage Bristol service.  The reason you should look at Ablemove’s storage facility is we can keep your items for as long as you’re away. You might be on extended leave or it might just be for the summer. However long you’re away, your possessions will be kept safely and securely at our location.  Family members won’t need to come across the country to help you move items either. Our quick and stress free service is the best solution for all parties concerned.

Feel free to contact the team at Ablemove Wottons for a quote and one of our team will get back to you.

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