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With this year’s Euro finals, we’re having a hard time here at Ablemove trying to figure who to support. And while of course Old Blighty is at the top of the list, there are some countries we want to see do well; especially those we help people move to.

Yes, we have helped our customers move all over Europe and set up a new home in so many different countries we’re having trouble trying to remember. There are three though that we have our eyes set on after reading up on the weird and wonderful ways they move things there.

Country Number 1: France

Obviously we’re starting things off with the host country. France are experts at moving some of the biggest things we know. They gifted the Statue of Liberty to America after all and it only took them a year and a bit to get the Eiffel tower assembled. We think they’re one of the favourites to win this year and that having home country advantage will play a massive part.

France is the most popular destination for Brits who want to pick up sticks and head to sunnier climes. It also requires permits for anyone looking to move something valuable so speak to us if you’re unsure about what requirements you need to bring items abroad.

Are you thinking of moving to France? You might want to read up on International removals to France.

Country Number 2: Germany

Bratwurst. Salted Pretzels. Nutella. Efficiency. Germany is one of our favourite countries and is a fascinating place to explore. Whether we’re helping young couples make the big move to Berlin or getting ready to put something in storage, we love working in Germany.

We don’t rate their chances for this year’s Euros though; although if they can move items of a house as fast as Gotze is with the ball, they might just be the mover’s choice. And considering they did invent the biggest machine in the world (the Bagger 293) that can move things, we do predict them having a strong go at the competition.

Also, if you’re one for funny removal stories, there is one in a great article we found on The Telegraph about two movers who once had to move part of the Berlin Wall an artist was using as a sculpture and bring it all the way back to the UK, only for the artist to not come back himself for two years.

Want to know what moving to Germany entails? Read our advice on international removals to Germany.

Country Number 3: Spain

Spain is one of the most popular international destinations we help people move to, especially couples looking to settle down by the southern coast from Malaga to Fuengirola. While the idea of driving a removal lorry through the hot days in Spain might sound like a drag, our international removal specialists love it, especially when your items are in hands as safe as Casillas.

We think Spain have a good chance this year, but if they can’t get the Segrada Familia finished yet, what chance to they have of making a move on the pitch?
Fancy moving to Spain? We provide international removals to Spain too.  Read more here.

If you’re sticking with England and need help finding a company that will help make moving home go without a hitch, get in touch with the team here at Ablemove. Phone us right now and we can get you a quote on how much it will be to move home.

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