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office moving

With the number of people now able to work from home on the rise coupled with a sharp increase in the number of businesses now employing practices such as hot-desking and virtual office spaces; the need for businesses to have considerable areas of office space is quickly diminishing.


Not only does this save businesses money but advances in digital technology have made it easier for employees to carry out their work whilst not having to be present in the office. Whilst there are many good reasons why business should choose to down-size their offices if they are able, this can in some cases present significant challenges.

The most important thing to do is to keep your employees informed on what your intentions and reason are for the move. Even if the reason is as simple as saving on utility or transport bills; staff may be nervous and may make assumptions that the new reduced office space is meant for less people and therefore some of them will be being made redundant. For this reason you must tell them as soon as possible as increased anxiety in your workers can often lead to poorer productivity. Some may even panic and begin looking for employment elsewhere. It is also important to make them feel involved and therefore have an element of control in how the move is managed, encourage two way discussion as much as possible so you can better understand how to carry it out.

Once everyone in your office is at ease with the move it is important to carry out a detailed space/floor plan to ensure you don’t go wasting money on any redundant floor space. After all for every excess square foot there is a council tax bill, cleaning bill and furniture cost associated with it. By working out exactly what you need in advance means that you’re likely to save a bit of money in the long run. If you’re going to have excess furniture or equipment then you should strongly consider offsite storage as an option. Short term storage is an excellent way to ease the logistical burden of moving an office if you are a touch short of floor space at the time, and if you have furniture or equipment that you cannot keep in your office but do not wish to get rid of then perhaps think about long term storage as a solution. Most companies that offer this service do so at a substantially cheaper rate than for short term storage so it is in your interest to enquire about this service.

Here at Ablemove Wottons we offer both long and short term storage solutions as well as full packing and moving services perfect for any business looking to move or downsize. It’s free and easy to enquire so why not contact us today.

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