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We often hear stories from our customers of their past experiences when moving house and unfortunately not all of them are as pleasant as the services that we provide, in fact some of them are downright horrific and makes us wonder how on earth some particular removal services are still in business.

Whilst we at Ablemove Wottons are not ones for scare mongering we can’t stress enough just how important it is to do your research on removal companies before you decide to use them. Here are just a couple of examples of just what can go wrong if you choose the wrong one.

Terrible Packing Service

During a removal with another firm on customer said that they had opted to use the company’s home packing service and were guaranteed good care would be taken of their possessions. With any worries laid to rest the custom left the team to work as they went on to take care of other aspects of the move. However when they went to unpack at the end of the move they found the packers had simple thrown all their possessions into boxes randomly with no regard for their care or organisation. Kitchen condiments were packed alongside clean clothes and, toilet cleaner, the contents of the kitchen cupboards had not been packed with care meaning bottles of vinegar and bags of flower burst all over the other possessions, they had even brought the contents of the kitchen bin. Needless to say many of the customer’s clothes and belongings were ruined, and they had to spend the next week cleaning an entire house worth of possessions.

At Ablemove Wottons we offer a truly professional packing service; not only are our staff experts in common sense but will always consult with you the customer as to how you would like things to be arranged.


One customer hired a removal company in York for a full house removal however with only 48 hours to go before the day of the move the received a phone call from the company demanding and extra £750 otherwise they would not carry out the removal. Having already paid the company upwards of £1000 up front and at too short notice to hire any other company the customer was forced to pay the amount. Although the problems didn’t stop here; as the move was scheduled to last 2 days it wasn’t until the customer reached their destination on the second day that they realised the company had left a number of possessions at the old property as they “didn’t have room in the van” and “were kicked out by the landlord”. This left the customer out of pocket in a new house still missing half of their property.

With Ablemove Wottons not only do we plan in detail exactly how many vans and trips will be required to ensure we get you and your belongings from A to B efficiently. We also offer short term storage lockers just in case there is any mix up with your landlord and you have to leave your home early.

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