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When we help people to move home or place items in storage, we often find that one of the most awkward and delicate items to move are televisions. With so many of us having large HD models that are quite expensive, a lot of care has to be taken with this item to make sure we don’t end up with broken screens, missing cables and lost remotes. If you’re going to be packing up a TV anytime soon, here are five handy tips on what you can do to protect it and keep everything you for your TV together.

Tip 1: Buy bubble wrap

It’s no secret that bubble wrap does a great job of protecting an item. When it comes to your TV, you should really use it as it is easier to wrap up than you would think. We’ve come across customers in the past who just throw a sheet or blanket over their television. This can be something of a risk as the last thing anyone wants is a cracked screen.

Think of securing your TV like wrapping a present. Lay and roll out bubble wrap on your floor to roughly the same size as the TV. Place the TV with the front facing down and wrap it up. When you have completed one full wrap, use duct tape to get a good seal on the sides and top.

Tip 2: Include your plug and remote

You get to your new home, unpack everything and after a long day you just want to sit down and watch something, only you can’t remember what box the plug, aerial and remote control are in. To save yourself from this annoying situation, simply wrap these items up together and then use duct tape to fix it to the back of the newly wrapped up TV. You’ll now have everything you need together and won’t have to rummage around boxes late in to the night.

Tip 3: Keep wires with the TV

If you have a games console of streaming device, simply keep the wires like a HDMI cable wrapped up with the TV, rather than separately too. Just don’t wrap them around the front of the television as this could cause the exposed connections to possible scrape the screen or casing.

Tip 4: Have the box? Use it!

Lots of people out of habit will keep the original box a TV came in up in their loft, spare room or under the bed. We find through that many people for some reason will have discarded the foam inserts that were in the box. You can make sure the television sits nicely after it has been wrapped up by putting it in the box. Make sure to have a towel or two at the bottom of the box to act as a substitute for the foam. If you need to remove a base so it can all fit, tape the screws to the remote control so they don’t go missing.

Tip 5: Grab a sandwich bag

If there’s more than one TV in your home you need to pack and want to save time, simply grab a sandwich bag from the kitchen and place any miscellaneous parts for the TV in there. This is incredibly useful if you watch TV with a streaming USB device like the Amazon Fire stick or Google Chromecast. You can also tape this bag to back of the TV as well so it’s easy to find.

There you have it. Five tips for packing your TV for moving or storage. If you need yours stored away, or help moving home, contact Ablemove today and find out how we can help you with any removal or storage problems.

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