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When it comes to moving home or office it is almost inevitable that you will be required to perform manual lifting to at least some degree, after all it could be quite difficult to get a fork lift into your living room.


If you lift an object that is too heavy or without the correct technique you can easily pull a muscle or even worse. It is a well-known fact that almost 70% of manual lifting injuries sustained in the workplace could have been prevented, and this is only the ones we know about. A strained muscle in your back really is not what you need when you’re carrying out a home removal, so in order to avoid becoming just another statistic, follow this guide on how to lift heavy objects safely.

Know where you’re moving the item from and to, and ensure you have a clear route free from obstructions.
If you’re moving the object a long distance you may wish to consider using an aid e.g. a pallet mover or wheel barrow for part of the journey.
Stand directly in front of and as close to the object as possible with feet positioned evenly apart.
Check for appropriate handles.
Keep you back straight and bend at the knees, tightening your stomach muscles.
Squat to the floor and take hold of the object.
Keeping your back straight, stand up slowly keeping the object as close to your body as possible.
Take to object to where you want to go, then again keeping you back straight squat to the floor and place the object on the ground.
Stand up straight and shake off your limbs and back.

When it comes to weights that you should be lifting on your own the general rule of thumb is that men should not attempt to lift anything heavier than 25kg and women should not attempt anything heavier than 16kg. It goes without saying that this is just a general rule and depending on your height, weight and ability you may be able to lift more.

However if you are in doubt or are struggling ask someone to help you, ‘more hands make light work’ as the old saying goes so ask a friend or neighbor for assistance or if you are using a removal company be sure to make as much use of their packing and moving services as possible.

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