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We do two things very well here at Ablemove Wottons: moving your things & storing your things. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 75 years now and customers love the reliability that our safe storage containers have to offer. Of course from time to time we are asked some funny questions. One of the more common we’ve been asked when helping the lovely people of Bristol find storage solutions is “What are the weirdest things people keep in storage?

We like to keep the belongings our customers entrust us with to safely store away private, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun seeing what other people around the world have found inside long term storage units and containers. After a little investigating and a few laughs, here are 5 of the weird and wonderful things that have been found in storage containers.

Item Number 1: The First Superman Comic

Comics are incredibly popular. With big movies like Iron Man, Batman V Superman and X-Men in the cinemas every few months, the love of these larger than life characters and their adventures is popular with people of all ages. This also makes the world of comics and superheroes a very enthusiastically rich area for collectors; especially those after rare editions of comics.

We’ve had our fair share of superhero memorabilia kept in our secure storage over the years, but all of that pales in comparison to one lucky person who managed to find themselves in possession of one of the most sought after comic books of all time.

An avid collector in California named Mark Balelo thought he’d got the bargain of a lifetime when he purchased a storage locker to find a copy of Action Comics Number 1 safely tucked away in the corner. This is the first time Superman was ever featured in a comic and is one of the richest pieces of paper in the world (some people value the comic at an estimated $1 million).
Mark thought he was the luckiest man alive until it turned out that the issue had actually be stolen from a very famous comic book fan; Hollywood star Nicolas Cage. He had bought the comic for an undisclosed amount as a convention in Las

Vegas but unluckily had the prized possession stolen from him, only to be found by Mark in this storage unit years later. And while Mark may not be as lucky to be able to sell Superman for a lot of money, he can take some solace in knowing that his unique story is being made in a to a film.

Item Number 2: A Thief

Here at Ablemove Wottons there’s one thing we take very seriously when we’re looking after other people’s property: security. Of all our storage units are fully alarmed containers that are looked after and we ensure that someone’s personal belongings are safe and secure. We can’t say that people will have just as much luck elsewhere though.

For Mr Ronald Dennis in Missouri, a life of crime was short lived when he decided to rob a storage container. Back in 2011, Ronald tried to sneak in to a storage facility and see what wonders lay behind an unlocked container. After getting in, he started to have a look around to see how lucky he’d be now that he was an expert cat burglar. Unfortunately for Ronald, the company had a security guard patrolling the facility who, on the sight of seeing an unlocked container, knew to safely and securely lock it up. This of course left poor Ronald stuck inside without a means of escape.

Shortly after closing the door, the security guard had to phone police after hearing “weird” noises coming from inside the container and opened it upon the police arriving to find Ronald had been trying to escape without getting found.
It’s a pity he didn’t visit Ablemove where he would’ve saved himself the embarrassment by never being able to get anywhere near our safe and secure storage units.

Item Number 3: Live Bees!


If you’re someone who watches the very popular show Storage Hunters, you’ll know all too well of the weird and wonderful items the colourful cast of characters will bid on. While many of the storage units opened are seemingly unimpressive and don’t contain much, it’s not every day you open a secure storage unit to find a live swarm of bees living inside.

This happened to the bidders on one episode who opened a secret container only to be met by hundreds of live bees who were inadvertently freed. The unit also contained bee keeping clothing and equipment, but it arguably would’ve been a little bit smarter to not keep those further in to the container right beside a hive of live bees.

And while that level of excitement and danger isn’t something you’ll see every day at Ablemove, you’ll be very happy to know that none of our storage units have hidden surprises or costs.

Item Number 4: Old Newspapers



We all have that one relative who keeps old items stored at home as a commemoration of big events; be it Beanie Babies, football shirts or movie posters.  And while people will put their papers in the recycling bin as soon as they’re done reading it from cover to cover, there are some people who will make sure that they can turn a simple newspaper in to a collector’s item if they give a newspaper a little bit of TLC.

For Dave Hester (another character on Storage Wars) he managed to turn what looked like an unsuccessful find in to a money spinner when a container full of old newspapers managed to have a near mint condition newspaper from the day that Elvis died. While the king may have left the building, his fans certainly haven’t and pretty much every piece of Elvis memorabilia from the era has a big price tag behind it.

After this find, Dave was able to sell the findings for $90,000; all thanks to some newspapers that had been kept in a dry and well looked after long term storage unit.
And if you’re a business that wants important documents taken of, you might like to know that we offer business storage in Bristol for local companies.

Item Number 5: The King of Pop’s Archive

Very few artists have a musical legacy as long lasting as Elvis, but just like him, there are some who have had material released after their passing. One lucky person was able to come across an unknown collection of master recordings by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, inside a storage unit previously owned by his father.

The container had recordings Jackson made when he was in in the middle of record contracts between two companies, which he was unable to release as both labels fought over the rights. The record case ended up becoming a court case a few years ago as the buyers wanted to set up a website where fans could pay to listen to this previously unheard music. The Jackson family however have blocked every attempt of this as they claim it is part of Jackson’s late estate.

While we’re sure there aren’t any songs about storage units in Bristol in there, we reckon there’s a good Jacko removals song in there somewhere: Wanna be Storin’ Something possibly?

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There you have it. A collection of some of the weird and wonderful things people have kept in storage over the years. It just goes to show that people can have value in keeping their belongings safe.

If you have something you want to keep in storage, and want to know it will be safe and secure no matter how longs it’s there, get in touch with the team at Ablemove Wottons today. We’re the oldest and most trusted provider of long term storage Bristol has to offer, as well as short term storage and student storage services Bristol Uni students rate highly.

No matter what size of shape your items come in, get in touch today and let us know what you want kept in storage and we can tell you what your options are.

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