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Boomerang Compressed

It’s nothing new that when children leave the family home for the first time whether for work, university or travel, they all too often leave an entire room worth of clutter behind. Whilst parents obviously don’t want to bin every last reminder that they ever had a child many do find themselves resenting the possessions their kids leave behind; they think it adds clutter and does not allow them to make the most of their new space.

Until recently the solution was easy; large items of furniture that were useful such as beds and tables were kept and repurposed, children would come round and pick up their personal possessions or pack them into a box which would be hidden away in a hallway cupboard, garage or attic and the rest was either given away to friends or charity, sold, or quite simply thrown in the skip.

However in recent time’s financial crisis and economic hardship has meant more and more young adults simply cannot afford to go it alone, and so have to return back to the family home within a few months or years after initially having moved out. This ‘boomerang generation’ means that many parents are reluctant to clear away clutter due to the likelihood of their children having to return.

This is also why so many parents are taking advantage of long-term storage facilities like Ablemove Wottons in order to keep their homes tidy yet ensure their children will always have a place to stay should the worst come to the worst.

With competitive rates long-term storage means that you can hold on to all of your child’s possessions without the clutter, neither will you have to worry about potentially throwing away hundreds of pounds worth of furniture and belongings only to have to replace them months later.

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