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Bristol Storage Solutions

Don’t let yourself become confused when looking for storage. When you need the help of Ablemove Wottons for domestic or commercial needs, we have everything you’ll need for a smooth, transitional experience. To help you understand what we have to offer, we thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on some of the well-known terms about our storage services that might be a bit confusing for a new customer. We are experts at storing anything you have in the Greater Bristol area and have been looking after customers’ furniture and possessions since 1934. Here are just a few of the key services we provide here at Ablemove if you are wondering what type of storage solutions we offer and what we do for both domestic and professional customers.

Long & Short Term Storage

It can be slightly worrying when you don’t know where to store items for an extended period. Ablemove specialises in offering container storage for as long as a customer needs it. You tell us how long you need your items stored for and we’ll have the secure unit ready and waiting for you.

Short Term Storage

Whether it’s for a few days or a few weeks, we can help safely and securely store your belongings in one of our units. This service is particularly handy for people and businesses in the process of moving who need somewhere to keep a few items out of sight for a while when preparing everything in the home or office. Students can also benefit from using this during the stressful period in between moving home before the new term starts.

Long Term Storage

For customers who have a long layover period between moving home or office, or are even moving abroad for a while and need somewhere to keep items near home for a long period of time, our long term storage solutions are ideal for those who want to place their belongings in a safe facility for an extended period.

This type of storage has grown in popularity quite recently, especially in the summer with students who are planning their gap years placing their things in long term storage. It is also quite common for those who have collectibles and valuable memorabilia (especially sports items that gain value) to be kept in storage for a long time.

To find out more about short and long term storage, visit our Short Term and Long Term storage pages.

Single Item

A simple solution to a common problem, single item storage helps you keep extra special items safe and sound for as long as you need.

What is single item storage?
We can move your items (big or small) and keep them in storage for as long as you want. Over the years we’ve dealt with everything you can possibly find in a home or office and have no idea how to shift; from the most delicate antique furniture to kitchen items and garden ornaments. We take care to ensure your possessions will arrive safely and on time when you need them back.
What can be put in single item storage?
Practically anything you need to store away for a while and want to make sure is safe.
How much does single item storage cost?
It depends on what exactly the item is. The price varies depending on a number of things (i.e. the price would be different for storing a lamp over storing a grand piano) but we always provide our single item storage at an affordable rate. You can get an estimate in minutes by getting in touch with us right here.

Secure Container Storage

A big fear of placing items in storage is not knowing what condition they’ll be kept in. We can put your mind at ease that your valuables will be fine by offering secure container storage.

What is secure container storage?
This service is where we make sure your items are safe by keeping them in fully alarmed container units that are completely secure and in safe hands.
Where are the containers located?
Our containers are kept in a secure compound so you can rest assured your belongings will be safe while we look after them.
How much does secure container storage cost?
 Prices vary depending on how many items you need stored safely and how long you’ll be storing them for. We can give you a price on secure container storage if you request a quote or phone the team here on 0117 956 3416.

Full House Storage

This is one of the most popular services that we offer. When you want everything moved out of the house ahead of a big move and want it placed in temporary storage to make sure the move is smooth and hassle-free, we can really help you out.

How does full house storage work?
We’ll show you the best way to get everything packed up and ready for the big move, how to effectively store items and which items are best left until last.  Full house storage provides a chance to make the house removals process run more efficiently and ensure that any potential moving problems are addressed ahead of time.
Can Ablemove help with the packing for full house storage?
We provide a full packing service, as well as free packing materials. Our expert staff have years of experience and knowledge in how best to pack up everything in the home for storage.

Professional Business Storage

Don’t panic. This doesn’t mean we’re going to literally take your business away. If you’re planning on moving location or are about to get new furnishings and don’t know what to do, we can help.

How does business storage work?
We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes (from local start-ups to large firms) figure out which items can be removed well ahead of time and kept in storage, leaving you with what you need to still operate your day-to-day operations before a big move.
What can be kept in business storage?
Desks, chairs, filing cabinets and boardroom tables are all common items placed in business storage. We know though that every business is different, and we can put common and uncommon office items in secure storage for as long as a company needs.
How much does business storage cost?
We provide accurate quotes on storage based on exactly what you need removed from your business. It’s best to get a quote here on site and we’ll be in touch. And if there are items you want taken away, we offer business removals too.
How can I make business storage simple?
If you’re planning on moving office in the near future and want to arrange the process step by step, take a look at our handy Moving Office Checklist that gives you a 3 month guide on what to do in preparation.

Student Removals

At Ablemove Wottons we understand that whether you are leaving the nest for the first time or changing your student digs, moving home or accommodation can be a pretty daunting and stressful task. This can be especially problematic if you have to move mid-term when you should be concentrating on your studies. For information about our student removal services, visit our student removal services page.

Student Storage

Moving home for the summer? Finally decided to take that gap year you were thinking about? Going to work abroad for a few months and worried about where to keep all your stuff? Ablemove Wottons has the solution and it comes in the form of our student storage services. For more information about our student removal services, visit our student storage services page.

What can be placed in student storage?
Essentially anything a student has in their room can be placed in storage. Bed and furnishings can be large and cumbersome but not a problem for us to store away, while all those textbooks and notebooks you have (and need) can be stored away safely too.
How much is student storage?
We try to make storage easily affordable for students at the University of Bristol, UWE Bristol, and City of Bristol College. To find out how much storage can cost, just get in touch and we’ll help find out how much it will be.

Single Item Removals

We understand that not every removal is going to be as big as an entire house removal and that there are times when you will just require a little assistance moving a single large or delicate item.

What is single item removal?
Whether it is an antique piece of furniture, a large bulky rug or a marble sculpture, we can provide safe and reliable transportation of your item to ensure it arrives at its destination on time and safely.
What items are common for single item removal?
It is something of a cliché to see, but most of our single item removals involve big pieces of furniture like three-seater sofas and large lounge chairs. We can remove items of all sizes from your home or business that you need professional help with.
How much is single item removal?
 Factors including the size of the item, where it is being moved to and when you need it removed will all be taken into consideration for the price of the removal.

For more information about our single item service, visit our single item removals page.

Ablemove Wottons Removals

For a high quality, hassle free removal and storage service, call Ablemove Wottons today on 0117 956 3416 We also have some resources to help with your move.

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