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Short Term Storage in Bristol

At Ablemove Wottons we strive to make it as easy as possible to move your items and help place them in short term storage. One of our most frequent enquiries from customers regards the option of short term storage, what needs done before items are placed in storage and how much it will be if it’s only going to be contained for a short period. Whether it’s a mattress, lamp, sofa, television or just about anything, Ablemove can help put it in storage for anything from a few days to a few weeks while you need it out of the way and stored safely.

Firstly, we’ll let you know some more about what short term storage entails. We don’t define it as a day or week necessarily when we say “short”. We help all of our customers keep items in secure storage for any preferred period of time. In most cases short term equates to a week, but we do have customers who just need their belongings stored for a day or two. A very common reason for short term storage is that people may be decorating a room or two at home, don’t have the room to keep all their furniture scattered around the home and just don’t want it constantly getting in the way. Another common short term storage reason is that some people need to hide birthday and Christmas presents out of the house so they can remain a surprise until the special day.

Before anything is put away, no matter how long a period it is going away for, we always recommend that you package the item up as safely as possible. If packing belongings is something you’ve never done before and have no clue about, check out our handy resources section that gives a plethora of information on how and when to pack up things in your home before storage.

When we place anything away for storage, it is good to have peace of mind. Every single item we care for is put in a secured container unit which is fully alarmed on site.

Our short term options are very popular for students who may be going home for the summer or are having issues with that inconvenient period of moving between two houses mid-term. We do offer special student removal services if you’re currently in a similar situation to this.

You can find out how much storage for your own preferred period of time will be by getting a quote from us directly. You can do so by clicking right here and we’ll get in touch with as soon as possible on your preferred method of contact. Don’t forget to provide as much information as you can so we can give an exact estimate on a price.

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