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Student Storage Services in Bristol

Student Storage

Moving home for the summer? Finally decided to take that gap year you were thinking about? Going to work abroad for a few months and worried about where to keep all your stuff? Ablemove Wottons has the solution and it comes in the form of our student storage services.

For decades now we’ve been helping students at the University of Bristol and UWE Bristol take a load off their plate by helping out and keeping all their stuff in storage. If you’re a student and have done this before or have no clue how storage works, don’t worry as we’ll easily explain right here.

When you’re going to be moving somewhere or going abroad for an extended period and possibly won’t be renting accommodation, you might be worried about what you can do with your furniture. Where will your drawers, TV, mattress etc. go if you don’t have a home here for a few months? That’s where we come in. We can look after anything you own and keep it safe while you’re away.

We’ll give you an example of one of the most common reasons students use our service. Usually late May to late September marks the summer for students and in many cases that means travelling back home. This means that for a few months students more than likely won’t be leasing out a new room anywhere.

To save on the hassle of having family drive cross country to help pack up all your stuff only to do it again in a few months, we can help look after it for you. This means all you’d ever need to do is let us know where you live so we can collect your stuff and then bring it straight to your doorstep when you find new accommodation. Also, if you don’t drive and are having trouble finding someone to help you move, we do offer student removal services too.

The same happens for students taking a gap year. If you’re planning on this, you may feel compelled to try and sell some of your stuff that you’ll need when you get back, and almost always, you won’t get a good price for it. Save yourself the, risk, stress and money by putting your belongings in secured storage where it will be waiting for you when you come back.

We also store single items too for students, especially those at the Bristol School of Art who want to keep their paintings and pieces securely stored away without the risk of damage.

If you’re a student and want to know more about the process of student storage, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Phone us now on 0117956203416 or message us via our contact page. We’ll get back to you as quick as we can to help out and provide the information you need on storage options and quotes.

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