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International house removals have different criteria to nationwide removals. Here are some commonly asked questions concerning international home removals that Ablemove Wottons can help answer.

When should I contact Ablemove Wottons?

Ideally as soon as you know of your impending move, giving you plenty of time to liaise with one of our specialist international removals agents who will create a tailored plan.

When should I notify Ablemove Wottons of my chosen removal date?

As soon as possible, as there is a higher possibility of your chosen date being available.

What items can’t I include in my international removals shipment?

• Firearms & Ammunition (sports weapons need a permit)
• Plants & Seeds (dependent on country of import)
• Narcotics & Banned Substances

Prohibited items vary from country to country; your agent will inform you of any applicable items for your destination country.

What’s the difference between restricted and prohibited items?

Restricted items are those that are allowed with paid permits. Prohibited items are illegal and will never gain import.

Can I put items into storage prior to departure?

Yes you can. At Ablemove Wottons we have secure storage facilities for short and long term requirements.

What import documents will I need?

Your agent will be able to inform you of what documents you will need to provide for the country of destination.

For more information on our international home removal services please contact one of our international removal experts on 0117 956 3416.

Please use this link if you require information on international business removals .

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