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Moving home can produce a mixed set of emotional feelings like anticipation, enjoyment, and excitement but for some it can also lead to feelings of anxiety & stress. With nearly 80 years’ experience in the removals industry our advice to stress free moving is simple, be prepared!

To help being prepared we have provided a check list of things to do before moving.

1 Month+ Before Moving

• Double check and confirm the date of your move
• Start to purge your home of unwanted or useless items. There should be 3 categories of items: those for the charity shop, car boot sale/ sales items and things for the local dump/recycling centre.
• If you are renting, don’t forget to notify your landlord of your moving date.
• Make sure that your home insurance will be valid from day 1 in your new home.
• If required, book extra storage space.
• Make sure that you notify your utility companies of your departure and change of address.
• Order your new furniture and carpets now if you needed, and arrange the delivery for when you move in.

2 Weeks Before Moving

• Begin to pack up non-essential items like books and out of season clothes
• Notify your doctor, dentist and optician if you are moving out of the area, and get the necessary information for registering at a new practice. If you are moving within the same area, make sure that you notify them of your impending change of address
• To guarantee that you receive your post, visit the post office and arrange for your post to be forwarded to your new address
• Finalise the arrangements with Ablemove Wottons, confirming arrival times and directions
• Arrange a time to collect the keys to your new property from your estate agent
• Ensure that your bank is kept up to date with changes to direct debits
• Start to finish off the food in your cupboards and freezer. Donate any unwanted food to the local food bank

1 Week Before Moving

• Pack up everything but the bare essentials
• Make a folder with useful appliance and home details for the next inhabitants
• Clean the house

1 Day Before Moving

• Pack an overnight bag with the bare essentials
• Make sure that the house is secure; check windows and locks
• Do a last check to make sure that nothing has been forgotten, and switch off all electrical items

On The Day

• Make sure that you receive the keys for your new home
• Sit back and relax while our experienced removals team take care of everything

As everyone has different circumstances the above checklist is for guidance only and is by no means a complete checklist. We encourage the use of the check list above as a starter guide only.

Please reference this page for more advice on moving home and how to avoid hidden costs.

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