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International removals and storage present different issues to removals within the UK. Relocating all your possessions can be impractical, especially if you’re returning to the UK in the future.

Long term storage is perfect if:

• You plan to return to the UK at a future date.
• You aren’t sure if you need the items in your new home.
• Your new home is furnished.
• You are down-sizing.
• You require storage before your relocation.

At Ablemove Wottons we offer affordable secure storage for your items if you choose not to relocate with them. Our storage containers are fully alarmed, regularly controlled and perfect for long term storage. Our facilities are ideal for international removals and storage from the UK.

Contact our team of specialists today on 0117 956 3416 to find out more.

Ablemove Wottons Removals

For a high quality, hassle free removal and storage service, call Ablemove Wottons today on 0117 956 3416 We also have some resources to help with your move.

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