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There are so many things to remember and deal with when you are moving house that it can feel overwhelming, but trust Ablemove Wottons to help. We have dealt with home removals thousands of times, and our specialists are highly skilled in their jobs. Here is some moving advice to help you along.

Moving Home Advice

• Arrange for children and pets to be looked after by friends or family. This will lighten the load of your moving day.
• Don’t overload boxes when packing up. Lighter boxes are quicker and easier to move.
• Hire professional cleaners to clean your new home. This will be one less thing for you to do upon arrival.
• Number boxes and colour code them depending on which room they are heading for. Make a list up of what is in each box according to the number.
• Unpack the bedrooms first and get them prepared. At least after a long day of moving you will be able to sleep in comfort.
• Don’t bother cooking on your first night; get a takeaway meal.
• Make sure that you are aware of where your local doctors, dentists and pharmacy are, just in case.
• The same goes for making sure that your children are transferred properly to another school and that you have worked out the school run already.

Hidden Costs

Everybody always remembers to budget for their professional removal company however there are other often unforeseen costs that come associated with moving. Don’t let yourself be caught out and left out of pocket. Remember to budget for:

• A locksmith to change your locks. You can never be too sure.
• Actually having to purchase boxes. You want sturdy ones capable of carrying a fair load. Look online for the best deals.
• Lots of junk. If there’s too much to take to the dump then you may have to consider forking out for a skip.
• Future bills. You could face your new council tax bill the day after your move, so be prepared.
• Higher energy costs if you are moving to a larger property.

To help ensure you are fully prepared we have complied a Moving Home Checklist to get you started.


Ablemove Wottons Removals

For a high quality, hassle free removal and storage service, call Ablemove Wottons today on 0117 956 3416 We also have some resources to help with your move.

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