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Relocating office is an even bigger task than moving home, so it requires detailed planning and preparation. Being organised should make the move simple.

3 Months Before Moving

• Have a meeting with Ablemove’s specialist office move manager and team to help you plan and start to initiate your office move.
• Make sure all of your staff are kept up to date and are aware of where the new office will be.
• Create a detailed seating and furniture plan of your future office space so that you know exactly what and who will be going where.
• Check out what the parking and access facilities are like and how this will work for your company.

2 Months Before Moving

• Appoint internal representatives to start helping you to prepare for the move.
• Contact your IT and communications providers, and let them know of the upcoming change of address.
• Conduct a full file audit, as well as other office items.
• For older files that are not needed in the office, arrange for secure archive storage. This is one of the many services that Ablemove Wottons supply.
• Assess your existing furniture, and plan to replace any old or broken pieces. Also make sure that you have allowed for enough furniture in your new office space.

• Give out move labels to staff.

• Label IT equipment and all furniture.
• Begin packing up non-essential items in crates. (We will be there to advise you on this.)
• If possible, have staff visit the new premises.

1 Months Before Moving

• Contact utility companies to make sure that the new premises will be fully operational.
• Send business contacts your change of address (and telephone if applicable).
• Arrange for cleaners to clean the new premises, and the old if needed.
• Double check all staff are aware of where the new office is.
• Set up an out of office automatic email reply for the day of the move.

• Finalise the layout plan at the new office.
• Make sure unnecessary office clutter is dealt with. (Delegate this to the internal department representatives.)
• Brief staff on the on-going move preparation.
• Ensure that your archives are taken into storage.

Day of the Move

• Relax and let Ablemove Wottons take care of everything.

For more information on our office relocation services please contact us on 0117 956 3416. Our highly experienced office removals advisors are ready to help.

Ablemove Wottons Removals

For a high quality, hassle free removal and storage service, call Ablemove Wottons today on 0117 956 3416 We also have some resources to help with your move.

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